Our Mission

To Create Competitive Spirit in the Mind of Every Student for Sure Success.

Our Vision

All Competition in the field of learning as well as earning are not so easy to crack, but it makes your path much easier if you know your weak areas and know how to work on it. Proper guidance and hard work both make the path comfortable to your destination. Just because you are appearing for a competitive exams where lakhs of candidates would also be contributing their best to make their way through it does not means that it reduces your chances of success.

 The complete package of NICAB is so strategically planned – The well printed, well researched and updated Study materials, the Classroom coaching programme are so well planned and prepared that the aspirants could get and derive the maximum out of it. The maximum number of classes presented by NICAB are in such a manner that the aspirants can get the firm grasp over each and every of their requirements , strengthen the base of their concept and make the aspirants thoroughly and fully prepared, inculcating in them confidence enough to battle against the upcoming competitive exam in less possible time. The quality education, highly experienced faculties, the large number of classes accompanied by the test-taking-strategies etc offered by NICAB helps the aspirants to build, improve, strengthen and built their skills up to the level of competitive exams.

Moreover, the extra emphasis on the test-taking-strategies enables to enhance the aspirants and build within him the level of confidence for cracking any competition and further help to maximize the scores. In addition to these classes the aspirants would be felicitated with doubt-clearing sessions getting more individual attention which can be attended with prior appointment with our faculties where the aspirants would get the opportunity to discuss their problems, plans and preparation and our experts would help to tune the aspirants weak areas through personal counseling and additional guidance.

The centre is run by a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals which form the part of the faculty team makes the education process of NICAB of extremely of high level. With years of experience and dedication the faculties have already mastered in their respective fields and these go to improvise and contribute to the educational system for NICAB.